"Go through life with a smile on your face,a twinkle in your eye but withgreat purpose in heart."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ok so far I am really bad at this blog thing....

There is so much that has gone on this summer!! It is flying by WAY to quickly. I have loved every minute of it though being involved with my 3-letter programs, EFY, GHA and LCA! It has definitely kept me busy. I don't even know where to start. I will probably just have random posts about each every once in a blue moon. 

I did a "Lights! Camera! Action!" camp (LCA) in Salt Lake. It turned into more of a family thing because the majority of the kids in it were my cousins. But that just made it so much fun.I am pretty sure I have the cutest family on the face of the earth, every single one of my cousins just melt me to pieces!! My brothers did it to and they were just the cutest and go around the house singing all of the songs still. It was so fun to live with my Grandma again for a week. She is just one of the most amazing people along with my Aunt Sarah. They are like  my best friends! I love them! The program was Disney themed and I figured out how to mesh songs together and make my own little ten minute medley, I was so impressed that they learned the whole thing in four days, choreography and everything! They did such a good job though! I am pretty certain I have THE best jobs this summer! And it is basically something different every week!! At the end of the program I sang Tangled's "At Last I See the Light" song with the kids while I played the guitar. Um...little scary, I am still not very good at the guitar. But good practice eh? 

I just love kids way to much. I am serious, I get a long much better with them and would sometimes choose to hang out with them than kids my own age. Is that bad? I don't know! But I am fine with it. :) When we had our GHA counselor meeting/dinner one of the directors, Melinda (one of the greatest ladies ever by the way) brought her twin baby girls and her little girl Addie who is 3. First off, I LOVE the name Addison and if my future husband is reading this right now we are naming our little girl Addison. Anyways, she loves Tangled and princesses, so immediately we got along. But she was so adorable we reenacted all of the Tangled songs and dances. And she would run around and sing:

"I'm running, and skipping, and dancing, and jumping....that's where my LIFE. BEGIIIIIIIIIIIIINS." 

And she would belt it out at the top of her lungs. Then we would pretend we were in a boat and sing "And at Last I See the Light". She had the cutest little voice too. Her Mom and Dad are excellent singers and performers so naturally her daughter was just a little ball of talent. I just loved her! Moments like that make life worth living to me. Just the simple, innocent and carefree moments! :) I love it.

The other day Kyle, Shad, Taylor and I got to light TANGLED LANTERNS!!!! I sang the song the whole entire time and it was a very magical experience. I decided that I am for sure having lanterns at my wedding and we are playing that song. I can't wait!! haha Well, actually I can wait to get married but can't wait to see all the lanterns. ;) But anyways, for those who do doubt (mom) that those lanterns work, THEY DO!!!