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Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Classroom!!

So a month in I am FINALLY posting pictures of my classroom! It was so much fun to put together and I just couldn't love my job any more than I do!! I am at Red Mountain Elementary in Ivins and I am teaching 2nd grade. My theme is MonSTARS! It has been way to much fun especially with Monsters University coming out.
My cute hall passes that my even cuter cousin Ellie made for me. 

We learned about our American flag, how there are symbols everywhere and what they mean. We
made a classroom flag, which ended up looking like a blanket...but it will be a great 
first year souvenir!! 

I love my curtains!!!! 

I have a MonSTAR of the week who is someone who has been working
hard in class and shows good MonSTAR behavior. This is where their  and About me poster will
be displayed.  

Don't want to end up here at the back of the classroom!! Already have had a few of

Whole class view! 

This is how I take my attendance and lunch count. They move their clothespin when they first come in. 

My birthday wall! Those are giant pixie stix with the balloon note attached. I have the balloon
in each month bag for each kid. So when it's their birthday it's an easy pre-made gift! 

My reading corner!

My schedule and classroom rules

When a kid gives an answer or is ever going above and beyond they get a smartie from
my "Smarty Pants!"

This has worked SO well for me! They all start on "Ready to Learn" and when they
get on "Role Model" they get a point next to their name. Once they get 5 points they get
a surprise from my surprise basket. 

This is to determine what stoplight working time we are on.  It tells the students if their voices should be
off, whispers or group work. 

Nothing is cuter then seeing my students get SO excited about having a responsibility and
the satisfaction they get when they do it well. Love it :)