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Monday, June 11, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors at the Bumbleberry!

Woo hoo!! It is so fun to be performing again!! The last show I was in was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Hurricane High School. So, it is so fun to get back into the swing of things and do what I love. The show is Little Shop of Horrors. It is quite an interesting story about a guy named Seymour who works at Mushnik's Skid Row Florist and discovers this plant during a solar eclipse. They put the plant in the store window to attract business and it works. Seymour becomes famous and gets rid of the girl he is madly in love with's boyfriend. The only problem is the plant survives off of human blood...ya a little strange you could say. It is a very funny show with a lot of fun music. I play Ronette (who is dating Ronnie) who is one of the trio doo wop girls. It is such a fun part with a lot of fun dancing. Well without further ado let me introduce the cast!...
So, I didn't snap a picture of Kyle by himself but he definitely stands out in this great cast picture. Kyle is so talented. He is directing and starring in the show. He plays Seymour. He has such a gorgeous voice that will pretty much melt any heart. He has put a lot of hard work into the show!

 Alright so this girl is incredible...seriously! This is Janae Klump. She is a doo wop girl with me (Chiffon, who is dating Stephon) ;) She also plays the voice of the plant and man can this girl sing and belt. Her range is unreal. Blows my mind! And not to mention she pulls off her wig better than anyone out of the three doo wop girls.

Here she is...the amazing Krysta Klump! Not only is she very talented but is constantly keeping us entertained with her interpretive dancing backstage. She is the lovely soprano in the doo wop trio named Crystal, who is dating Chris. She can hit those high notes like nobody's business! Love the Klump sisters!!

 Ok so these two are the cutest brother and sister ever. They are like best friends and it has been so fun being in a show with them. Sammy plays the other lead, Audrey (Seymour's lover). She has the cutest accent during the show and does a fabulous job. She also choreographed the show and did a fantastic job. We could not have done the show without her. Nate is the infamous dentist, Orin Scrivello D.D.S... and every other part in the show. This kid has the best stage presence ever!! My dad's first comment about the show was "that kid is a really good drunk person." haha. His voice is pretty amazing as well. I have never met someone his age who can sing so amazingly. He is definitely the comic relief of the show, and is getting his mission call soon! Woo hoo!

Last but certainly not least the one and only Shad Johnson. It has been more than a blast being in this show with one of my best friends since high school. Love him! This is Shad's first show and by watching it you would have never guessed that this was the case. He does such a great job and is so funny. His solo "Mushnik and Sons" pretty much steals the show in my opinion. Very talented!! And I am very proud of him because now he can apply his own stage makeup without me standing by him the whole time. :)

 Little Shop of Horrors is playing at the Bumbleberry Theater in Springdale every Monday, Friday and Saturday in June at 7pm. It is a great show with SO much talent. I have learned so much from these talented people!! You won't want to miss this folks!! :)