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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lost in New Zealand..

So I realize that my last post I talked about being lost but I don't technically count that as my fault. Well this time...it was definitely my fault. I decided to take Brookie, Charlotte and Ashton to the park by Carly's house while Keri and Carly got some work done for the tour. Carly explained to me how to get to the park and then said, "Just follow Ashton. He goes there heaps of times and knows where it is." So we are walking down the road and then Ashton runs up and pushes the button to cross the street. I had a conflicting moment because I was almost sure Carly didn't mention crossing the street but then she also said Ashton knows where he is going. We end up crossing the street with two toddlers on their little plastic bikes and the stroller. We walk down a gigantic hill and then make a turn...because Ashton made a turn. It led to a dead end. Anyways, we end up on this trail that looked promising. We are half way down the trail and Brookie turns to me and says..."Kenzay (accent) I think we are in the jungle. And there are lots of tigers in here." Which as you can see it did look like the jungle. She was so adorable with her little bike trying to figure out where we were going.
Yay! We found the park!

I ask Ashton one more time..."Ashton is this the right way?" "YEP!" says Ashton. Anyways, we turn around and finally find the park. Once we arrive we are there for about 20 mins and Ashton wets himself so we started the trek back home. The kids are exhausted by now and so I was super talented and carried the two plastic bikes and pushed the stroller. Brookie tried to carry Ashton because he was tired but that didn't work out so well. Once the adventure was over we were gone for a total of 2 hours and was at the park for twenty minutes of both of those hours. So the moral of the story is no matter what Carly says don't take directions from a 3 year old no matter how cute and confident he seems or you might end up in the jungle. :)

Charlotte on the slide! Such a good baby :) 
Earlier that day though Ashton and I were playing cars and a song came on and did some interpretive dancing for Ashton and he was just frozen and stared at me the whole time. When I was done he laughed and said "Again!". Yes, I am THAT good at interpretive dancing. So both of us really enjoyed listening to the Dinosaur train song and danced to it. I obviously got a lot more into it then he did. Adventurous day you could say!

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  1. ha ha ha you are so cute! you are having a wonderful time! miss you!