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Thursday, August 2, 2012

We're on a Fairy Hunt!

Ok, so these kids here are adorable. Pretty much my job everyday is taking care of them and coming up with fun activities to do with them. I have been working a lot with Desiree's kids this week and I already just love them to pieces. Charlotte...the one who ate my cake...is almost one years old. She is attached to her mummy but she is getting more and more used to me I think. She has the most adorable blue eyes that just melt me though. Brookie is three years old and she is just a hoot. I will never get over how adorable she is. These kids are so cute and then you add their cute little accents on top of it...I am a sucker for them. haha I filmed this video of Brookie the other day. She made up this song and sings it all the time.

Today when she came over to the house I told her I met a fairy while I was out on my run. The fairy told me that she had a special surprise for Brookie and hid a secret message in the house for her. She was so excited and her eyes got really big. Kinda like this....

haha this was a photo from our photo shoot we had a few days ago. Anyways, so I told her that we needed to put our special fairy glasses on to go search for the letter. We put on some nerd glasses that I brought with me and searched the house. She finally found the note and the fairy gave her a job to write a fairy story and illustrate it. Once she is finished with the story I am going to turn it into a digital storybook with Brookie telling the story. We didn't finish it today but we will soon. It was so fun though and she has the best imagination. I love kids!!!  This just makes me excited to be a mom. I can definitely wait for that day but I still am excited! haha :) 

Then when Brookie is at Kindie (pre-school) and Charlotte is sleeping I clean away. I deep cleaned the bathroom the other day and the only reason why I say that is so that I can post this picture dedicated to my mother. I know it would make her proud...shout out to Dust to Dawn Cleaning!


  1. Everything is darling but the toilet paper being folded was absolute best!

  2. I knew you'd appreciate it mom. And if I do say so myself I did a dang good job on that bathroom...I even cleaned the ceiling haha