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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pool Jump!

Just in case I haven't mentioned this to anyone but....IT IS SO COLD! I went to over 100 degree weather in Hurricane to really cold degrees Celsius here. Today was actually a decent day in weather. I wouldn't say it was warm but a good enough day that we went on an amazing run on Milford beach to Takapuna Beach. So wonderful!! After our run we are sitting in the kitchen and i look outside and say "Keri, I just had this huge urge to jump in that swimming pool." "Let's do it!" she says. So we just jumped right in with our running clothes and it was pretty dang cold you could say. Very memorable but definitely a once in a lifetime thing. Here is the video! And don't be fooled by the sunshiney blue skies! haha so fun. I love this girl!

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