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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The start of something new!

I have officially been here a week. It is so crazy! I am going to be posting heaps of stuff in the next hour I think and don't  feel obligated to read it all...I am mostly doing it for selfish purposes so that I can have this all recorded. :) So I am living with Paul and Pamela Reid. They are the grandparents of all the kids in the polka dot group. They are amazing people. Pamela is one of my heroes already. She is so incredibly talented. Every meal I have is made from scratch and is pretty healthy, she sews like crazy, she is an author, a master at family history, sings and teaches the institute class I go to. Paul is awesome as well and treats Pamela like a Queen. They act like giddy teenagers when they are together sometimes and its adorable. I can already tell I am going to learn a lot from them. The house is great. The family room has all glass doors and its such a beautiful view its awesome.
This is Charlotte and when I arrived here the Reids all had a cake for me and I got to meet everyone. I left my cake on the floor where I was sitting and then all of the sudden we look over and she had the whole piece of cake in her hand and sucking it like a bottle. It was so funny and cute. We all got a good laugh. 
We had an engagement party for Jordan (Paul and Pamela's son) and this is only a fraction of the food that we had there. And nothing here is store bought. Even the carrots were peeled and sliced. No baby carrots here! I was pretty stunned.

Keri is the other nanny here and we get along so well. We will be talking late at night and then stop in mid conversation saying...it's weird we have only known each other for a week. Our ideas are never ending on what to do with the kids and our nanny plans. We are currently starting a project with the play room downstairs. We cleaned it out today and we decided that we are going to transform the play room into an underwater themed room. There is a little nook to the side of it and we are going to turn that into a pirate ship. Pamela of course jumped all over it and has been loading us up with fabrics and supplies.We are so excited. As we were cleaning things out we came across a lot of old dress ups. I of course jumped all over that. I got all dressed up and then pretty much forced Keri to do the same. We went and snuck up on Paul, Pamela and Carly and we thought we were pretty funny. Anyways, she is wonderful and we have been setting goals and helping each other out in reaching them. It's been great.

It is freezing cold here!! The houses don't have heating systems either so I am constantly wearing slippers and a sweatshirt/coat while inside. I've gotten used to it though and it has rained so much! I love the rain! It is  so nice and green here. I went on a run this morning and it was just beautiful. I do have to say that wherever you go you are either going up a hill or down a hill. Its a pretty good workout. haha

this is the little path I found while running today. So pretty. 

I just feel like this whole experience can't be real. I just hope I can make the most of it and learn all that I am supposed to learn. There is no doubt in my mind that I am supposed to be here and its kind of exciting to me to find out why. Life is just amazing and is definitely meant to be enjoyed. :)

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