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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

B-B-Bird, Bird, Bird...Bird is the Word!

Brookie and I decided to learn birds one day! She is just adorable in more ways than one. We first watched some videos of Birds making their nests and little birds hatching on YouTube. We learned what birds use to put in their nests and then decided to make our own bird's nest. We went on little bush walk and collected a bunch of rocks, sticks, leaves and twigs. During the walk Brookie and I had a deep deep discussion about trolls and fairies. It had just rained and so the rain on the leaves were just sparkling. I told her anytime she saw a sparkle in the bushes it was a fairy smiling.:)  Her imagination just went wild. It was quite the adventure. After we gathered our supplies she colored some very round rocks we found then assembled all of our findings together with string. Then...VOILA! We created our own little bird's nest and placed it in a tree. Brookie was SO proud of it and we learned a lot along the way as well. :)

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