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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Zealand is Beautiful!

So I haven't said much about actual New Zealand! It is absolutely beautiful here and so green!! A lot different from the Rocky Mountain Desert back home. The birds are amazing...they are so tropical! I found these lovely love birds sitting outside my window yesterday....

Pretty cool aye? 

I have been really into running lately and have absolutely loved the scenery as I am shuffling along the roads of New Zealand. It was the first day of spring September 1st and Keri and I went and celebrated and ran a good fat 6.5 mile run at Cornwall park in Auckland. Here are some pictures...It was the ultimate New Zealand park with all of the Green rolling hills and the sheep and baby lambs walking along side of you. So adorable. :) 

Beautiful Daffodil Pathway!

Happy Spring :) 

 Please ignore the red-faced, hardly smiling, sweaty Kenzie ;) Look at those hills!

I'm loving it here! Just learning so much about myself and pretty much just everything!! :) Thanks everyone who has been keeping in touch and updating me on your lives. It means a lot! 

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