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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Detective Clueless Needs Your Help!!

This has been one of my favorite things we have done with the kids yet! They got so into it and it was a blast.    We read a book called The Mysterious Case of the Missing Honey. In the middle of the book I placed this letter inside and it fell out as I turned the page.

We got in our detective gear and found the three clues to solve this mysterious case of the missing honey! 
Clue #1: 

A big stuffed Bear...
Clue #2:
...A bed...
Clue #3
We went back with all of our clues and Anika came up with the solution that maybe the Bear was eating his own honey in his sleep. We talked about all the possibilities and then finished the book. These smart little cookies were right! ;) So much fun!
Cute little Detectives :) 

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