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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The City of Auckland!

This was my first crosswalk experience. haha
And bythe way that is the theater
 that I am going to go
see Mary Poppins at!!! :) 
Keri and I have had a few adventures in the city. First off I would just like to tell you about the crosswalks here. When the little light of the man walking comes on you usually cross one way then wait to cross the other way right? Nope! Not here. People just take over the streets. I freaked out when it first happened I was pretty much thinking people were going to kill themselves! But we all survived. Our last city adventure Keri and I were driving down the street and then all of the sudden hear this music. We discovered that there was a fashion show going on in the middle of the streets and down the crosswalks with a red carpet and everything! It was a very exciting moment. Here are some videos of Keri and I struttin' our stuff and completely soakin up the moment. YOLO ;)

Then afterwards we had a lovely lunch at this incredible cafe that had the best name in the world. I didn't know I was such a big deal here until now....;) Not only is the name great but check out my french toast. haha

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